Secwepemc Territory Champion

Squwey Jayne Gottfriedson of Tk’emlups te Secwepemc
Secwepemc Territory Champion - Squwey

"Thank You Tk'emlups te Secwepemc for helping me achieve my goals as an athlete.” Squwey Gottfriedson


Squwey Jayne Gottfriedson is a Tk'emlups Indian Band member. Her parents are Shannon Gottfriedson (Tk'emlups) and Lyle Thomas (Neskonlith). Her grandparents are Ted & Evelyn Gottfriedson (Tk'emlups), Lorna Thomas (Neskonlith), and Carl Koops. Squwey is an active youth who participates in a variety of activities such as: lacrosse, soccer, hockey, softball, basketball, volleyball, flag football, ballet, jazz, and track and field. She enjoys reading, horseback riding and hanging out with her friends. Squwey's goal is to become a Cardiac Surgeon.

Squwey started her lacrosse career at the age nine. She was so intrigued by the game she insisted on playing like her older cousin Ted. She has since played for the All Star team, the rep team and has been the only female to make these teams. She is known as a hard worker and has exceptional skills as a defensive player. She has played in numerous lacrosse tournaments and frequently wins heart and hustle, MVP, Most defensive/offensive at these tournaments. She has attended Provincials and won the "Coaches award” and the "Players award”. She is feared by teammates and opponents. She has a lot of respect from the lacrosse community in Kamloops.

Squwey has participated for the Bantam Female Lacrosse Nationals 2010 & 2011. At the 2011 Nationals Squwey was ranked 4th overall for scoring. She recently attended the 2012 Midget Female Lacrosse Nationals and was the only First Nations representative, and the only female from the Interior to make the team. She proudly represented her community of Tk'emlups and this year Team BC won Gold!

She has recently been selected to participate for an Elite lacrosse program by the Executive Director of the program, Brent Hoskins, whom is also the head coach for SFU Men's Field Lacrosse team. The program is "Burnaby Mountain Selects Field Lacrosse” and it is widely recognized as one of Canada's top field lacrosse development programs. Participants are selected throughout Canada and United States. The program starts September 16, 2012 and ends January 21, 2013. She will be attending weekly practices at SFU and will be playing in tournaments where NCAA Coaches are in attendance. She also gets top level competition and instruction that will best prepare her to be ready to compete at the collegiate level.

Squwey is an outstanding hockey player. She has participated in BC Hockey U-14 and U-16, and played for the Interior Selects. She started her career with Atom Development and moved into Tier 2 Peewee hockey. She then moved to female hockey and played for Kamloops Bantam Mystix for two seasons. She is an exceptional player and has played in numerous hockey tournaments. This season she is concentrating on lacrosse and has decided to play house hockey.