Secwepemc Health Directors Hub

The Hub mandate is to increase communication, collaboration and planning for members First Nations communities.  The Hub will provide advice and guidance to the leadership of the 17 Secwepemc Bands as they develop a governance model for the transfer of health programs and services.  The Hub Coordinator works with the Secwepemc Health Working Group of the Secwepemc Nation as a technical representative.  
Secwepemc Health Directors Hub – Vision Statement
Working together towards overcoming barriers and facilitating the continual improvement of the holistic health status of our communities, through collaboration, communication, expertise, planning and leadership.
SHDH – Mission Statement
The Hub will facilitate and coordinate activities through shared expertise and knowledge to support the health goals of the participating Secwepemc communities and societies.  
SHDH – Values Statement of the Hub
The Secwepemc Health Directors Hub believes that success in our mission will be achieved through our dedication and communities to specific values:
  • Respect the shared Secwepemc values and the cultural diversity of member communities
  • The Secwepemc Health Directors Hub will work together guided by respect, equality, honesty and integrity and confidentiality.
  • The Secwepemc Health Directors Hub supports a process for personal and respectful conflict resolution.
  • All activities will be based on the best interests of the members of the participating Secwepemc communities.
  • As a community and as individuals, we have a collective responsibility to promote self-reliance and the well-being of our people and our communities.
  • The Secwepemc Health Directors Hub is proactive in promoting physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  
Working together while supporting the independence of community decision making.