Guiding Principles

The Secwepemc Health Caucus will be guided by the following principles adopted from the 7 Nations Unity Declarations.   

  • Health and Wellness Outcomes and Indicators will be defined by each Nation.
  • Partnerships will be defined by each Nation.
  • Agreements will be negotiated and ratified by the Nations.
  • No Nation will be left behind; needs are addressed collectively.
  • The federal fiduciary obligations must be strengthened, not eroded.
  • Services will be provided to all of our people regardless of residency/status.
  • Adequate funding will be provided for our corporate structure(s).
  • Socio-economic indices will be incorporated into planning and projections – plan for 7 generations.
  • Negotiations will be interest based – not position based (Nations define).
  • Community hubs will be linked to the health governance process.
  • Documents will be kept simple and understandable.
  • The Interior Leadership caucus will meet regularly.
  • Liability will be minimized; the Nations will inherit no liability from other entities.
  • Celebration will be included in all activities. 
  • The speed at which development occurs will be determined by the Nations.
  • The authority to govern rests with each Nations, as does the responsibility for decision-making. 

The Secwepemc Health Caucus will also apply the five main principles found in the Canada Health Act.  

  • Public Administration:  All administration of provincial health insurance must be carried out by a public authority on a non-profit basis.  They also must be accountable to the province or territory, and their records and accounts are subject to audits. 
  • Comprehensiveness:  All necessary health services, including hospitals, physicians and surgical dentists, must be insured.
  • Universality:  All insured residents are entitled to the same level of health care.
  • Portability:  A resident that moves to a different province or territory is still entitled to coverage from their home province during a minimum waiting period. This also applies to residents which leave the country. 
  • Accessibility:  All insured persons have reasonable access to health care facilities.  In addition, all physicians, hospitals, etc, must be provided reasonable compensation for the services they provide.