Welcome to the Secwepemc Health Directors Hub/Caucus

The Secwepemc Health Caucus is comprised of 16 bands in the interior and their supporting Health Directors. Formally implemented in August 2011, the participants have come together to increase or improve the holistic health status of First Nations members in the Secwepemc Communities in mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.


Purpose of the Secwepemc Health Caucus is to provide informed, united direction to First Nations Health Governance discussion and negotiations. As well as, to increase communication, collaboration and planning for members First Nations Communities as it pertains to Health. The Secwepemc Chiefs carry out the political health advocacy work and the Secwepemc Health Directors carry out the technical work and support the Chiefs in their political advocacy work.

Vision Statement

"All Our Relations Healing and Healthy Together”

Mission Statement

"The Secwepemc Health Caucus (SHC) is a body of 16 Chiefs and 12 Health Directors representing the communities of Secwepemcul’ecw.

By Advocating, collaborating and coordinating the SHC guided by Secwepemc Culture: strive to educate, facilitate and empower Secwepemc individuals, families and communities in achieving their desired wellness.”

Core Values

Respect + Equality + Accountability + Transparency + Honesty = Unity

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